Over-Easy: The Bristol Yard

The best brunch place to go to on a cold, rainy day is one that’s close by. As in, you can look out your front window to see how long the line-up is. We kept an eye out while getting dressed and once the coast was clear, we headed over.¬†¬†Even though it wasn’t early, you […]

Quickies: Tacos El Asador

I’ll go ahead and say it: Friends who eat together, stay together. There’s something quite intimate about sharing food with someone close and talking your heart out that makes it one of my favourite things to do. After cocooning with mountains of reading material for school, taking a day off to spend time with kidA […]

Fish in the Sea: Sushi on Bloor

Having heard the sad news that the Toronto Women’s Bookstore is closing, we decided to take a trip down for a first and last look at a community cornerstone. Although our stomachs were already grumbling louder than the broken sink in O’s apartment, we spent some time looking around and buying hard-to-find, out-of-print books. Having […]