Kitchen Party: Sweet and Spicy Green Bean Pomegranate Chestnut Fry


Pomegranate season usually runs from October to January in the Western hemisphere, and possibly longer this year as the full-on bone-chilling cold hasn’t fully hit us yet. I don’t know about you, but I’m welcoming the extended stay, especially that grocery stores are practically handing them out right now.

Green beans are not in season, but I bought a huge bag of them for 1$ the other day, and although they are not my favourite vegetable, I find them perfect when cooked slightly crispy and tossed in to a warm salad, bake, or fry. I usually fry them up with chopped almonds, but my parents sent fresh chestnuts with me on my trip back from Ottawa, so I thought I’d give that a try. No regrets here.


So, this is what you need for something like 2-3 servings:

Green beans (about 2 cups)
Pomegranate (half) – get a friend to do the messy work if you don’t like to! I personally love it!
Chestnuts (6, whole) – draw an x in them then microwave them for a couple of seconds, or roast them if you prefer; peel and chop once they’re soft enough
Honey – mine was blueberry honey but any variation should do
Spices – your usual salt and pepper, and most importantly lots of chilli flakes to make the ‘spicy’ in ‘sweet and spicy’
Salted butter (or an oil, if you prefer)

Heat up a good table spoon of butter, then throw in the green beans once you’ve taken the ends off. Cook them to your desired softness, and throw in the chopped chestnuts. Give them a couple of minutes to meet and greet, and throw in the pomegranate seeds. Sprinkle on the spices you want (emphasis on the chilli flakes for me), and drizzle on a fully loaded tea spoon of honey.

It all tasted delicious as a side for my pork souvlakis, but I can imagine it just as well with chicken, or even as a stand alone with rice or potatoes.


Location: My new apartment!
Damage: Under $5 (maybe up to $10 depending on where you are picking up the ingredients)
Rating: 8.5 pies out of 10
Soundtrack: Yuna’s album, which you can preview online here or watch a clip of:


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