Quickies: Pizza Park

You know those long days that just won’t end? You know, when coffee just makes you twired (tired + wired). Well, I was having one of those. On my way back from York on the subway, in and out of sleep, I was thinking, okay pizza-and-tv kind of night. So, I get off the subway and there’s K sitting on a bench. She pops up to come hug me, and we’re all like “what are you up to?”, “what are you up to?”… She says she was about to text me, had time to kill, was going to ask if I wanted to go for a slice… “Do people still do that?”, she says. I say, “I’m hungry, and I just spent an hour fantasizing about pizza”. Lucky for us, there’s a spot to fulfill our wishes just across the street.

Pizza Park. I read that sign pretty much every day. I hadn’t tried it yet, but I was curious. I mean, doesn’t everyone want a good pizza joint in their neighbourhood? So, we walk in and start staring up at the menu. “You like wings?”, I say. (Why are fatigue and cravings all over each other?). She says, “I LOVE WINGS!”, in her usual nothing’s-too-little-for-enthuasiam way. Pizza Park’s got wings and pizza combos, like at most pizza places, so there you have it. Now, the toppings. We’re in the middle of picking them, and I realize that most people I know have a go-to pizza. For instance, S is all about the mushroom, hot peppers, pineapple (and will get it stuffed when possible), and this one girl from a couple of years back always ordered bacon (always strips, not bits) and onion pizza, and an old friend introduced me to the chicken, artichoke, olive, feta cheese slice. Picking toppings with K was possible the easiest thing ever: “You like mushrooms?”, “Love them!”. “How about onions?”, “Sure.”. “Green olives…”, “Done”.

We’re at the cash, and the sweetest man in pizza history is serving us. He says he can’t make small pizzas today but he’ll make us a medium for the same price. Who could argue with that? Then he goes to ask us what kind of wing sauce we want but stops mid-sentence, “I’ll bring them all, just have a seat.”

The food comes to the table fairly quickly. The pizza’s right on the baking pan, looking all delicious. The dough is dry and fluffy, and the toppings are generous, although it could definitely use more cheese. It doesn’t blow your mind but it hits the spot. And the wings follow shortly after. They’re not breaded, just straight up wings. Then he brings us the sauces… When he had said “I’ll bring them all” earlier on, I figured, you know, little boxes of sauce, like the ones they have in fast-food restaurants. But, no, we’re talking full-sized bottles of 6 different kinds of sauces, including hot, hotter, honey-garlic, BBQ, and…ah, I forget! There were too many! How sweet is this guy?

We finish eating, and our leftovers get swiftly packed up. K’s on a hunt for a book so we decided to walk along Bloor towards Bathurst for some night-time book shopping. Someone must have decided to simply purge a series of their amazing books because I found 4 books I’ve been looking for, for really cheap, all in the same section. Sometimes impromptu hang outs full of pizza, laughs, book finds, and good company is all an O needs after a long day. Oh, and K scored a HUGE FIND, but I won’t tell you what it is… you’ll have to ask her.

Location: Pizza Park, 733 Bloor West (at Christie)
Damage: About 18$ for a small (although we got a medium) pizza with 3 toppings, 8 wings with all the sauces in the world, and 2 cans of pop
Rating: 7.5/10


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