Halloween Kitchen Party: Walnut Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes

While S is a big fan of the holidays, O tends to be less festive. But we both love food, so it’s a good place to meet to celebrate Halloween. Pumpkins are a staple in Halloween everything. All it takes is a short list of facebook friends with kids to know what we mean. Plus, they’re edible (the kids, metaphorically, and the pumpkins for real). Since S loves all things breakfast-related, and O graciously indulges her, we decided that pumpkin pancakes had to be on our Halloween menu. Actually, the only thing on the menu.

We had bought a little pumpkin with the plan of carving it on Halloween, and using the insides for cooking. We’ve grown quite fond of the fellow, and have named it Pumpkinsaurus Rex. Baking is tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, so we based our initial pancake recipe on A Cozy Kitchen‘s. This means that we went chocolate chip shopping as soon as we woke up. How good of a start to a day is that?

As it turns out, using a real, flesh-and-seed pumpkin is a very labour-intensive process. We used this handy “How to Make the Most of your Jack-O-Lantern Leftovers” guide and turned the pumpkin guts in to puree for the pancakes. Well, at least we used what didn’t end up on the counter, or the floor, or in S’s dress. Which turned out to be exactly the right amount. A Halloween miracle!

While S was wrist-deep in pumpkin, O got to mixing the dry ingredients…and possibly ended up covered in flour. On the side, the wet ingredients were mixed and then blended in with the dry ones. Chocolate chips and walnuts were then added in to top it all off. We were missing a bunch of spices, so we just used cinnamon and the pancakes still tasted delicious. And, our batter turned out pretty thick, so we added a few extra splashes of buttermilk to thin it out a little. Also, we discovered in a happy accident a while back that using salted butter instead of the unsalted kind, is delicious and helps make sweet things less rich (well, as rich but without making you sick, you know?).

These were so delicious that we finished off the first pancake while the rest were cooking. Even the batter was good, and pancake batter is usually terrible – no cookie dough, that’s for sure. We bought some maple syrup because, you gotta, but we also felt like a thicker topping so we mixed ground cinnamon into a bowl of vanilla yogourt, et voilà!

Makes you wish every day was Halloween…(“nah-a, not Christmas,” says S… stay tuned for eggnog pancakes?)

Location: Our now very dirty (and orange) kitchen
Damage: About $12 for things you might not have already, or approx. $20 if you’re buying everything
Rating: 10 fingers in a pumpkin pie
Soundtrack: One of the 3 million (we counted) Halloween playlists on 8 tracks


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