Over-Easy: The Bristol Yard

The best brunch place to go to on a cold, rainy day is one that’s close by. As in, you can look out your front window to see how long the line-up is. We kept an eye out while getting dressed and once the coast was clear, we headed over.  Even though it wasn’t early, you could feel the post-halloween hangover in the air. People walking slowly by on a mission to get home and spend the day recovering, all carrying bags with their previous night’s costumes. O insisted on a morning smoke before eating, so we stayed in the entrance across the street, looking left and right incessantly to make sure no one was going to steal our spot. We think of this as competitive brunch.

We swooped in to the restaurant just in time, right before an eager and hungry-looking couple. (Meaning, we won). The restaurant is living-room-sized small, seating about 20 people if they’re all friendly and feeling cuddly. After a short wait, we lucked in to a booth! We settled in, waited for our coffee, and listened to the kind of music they play at Mod night at Babylon when you find yourself thinking it’s the perfect time to leave the dance floor and go get a drink.

O had been there before and began a dish-by-dish review. The menu includes about 10 options, going from veggie friendly to veggie no-no. Almost all of the dishes involve poached eggs: you got your eggs benedict topped with the in-house version of hollandaise called “Bristol sauce”; your Argentinian-spiced tribute to Diego Maradona; your meat-lover’s hangover cure; your classic english breakfast plates like beans on toast and a breakfast pie; and a delicious-looking french toast.

Because there was no hollandaise on the menu, S decided to branch out and get the Eggs Maradona, which consists of two poached eggs on tortas fritas, covered in a chimichurri sauce made with red wine vinegar, cilantro, garlic, oregano, and other yummy spices.  Topped with some hot sauce that bites back, this dish was super flavourful, even without the steak it usually comes with.

O woke up feeling like some morning meat, and opted for The Glasgow, a dish their brother ordered last time they were there, and that they had been craving ever since. The Glasgow is described as a breakfast cheeseburger, apparently the perfect cure for a Glasgow kind of rough night (which O didn’t have, unless you consider drinking tea in long johns rough…). The plate had a poached egg hiding in two thick sausage patties resting on two tattie scones. Apparently some shaved applewood smoked cheddar was somewhere in there but it must have been shaved real thin ’cause, well, we were trying to figure out if they forgot about it.

Both plates were served with good, strong coffee, disappointingly stiff home fries that could have used some tenderness, and a delicious slice of roasted tomato. The dishes were creative, all around tasty, and filling. We’d definitely play another round of competitive brunch to get in here again! Between the hearty food, the crossword puzzle we finished while waiting for it, and the wooden kitchen shelves we picked up on the side of the street before crossing back over to warmth, it’s been quite the successful morning.

Location: The Bristol Yard, 146 Christie St.
Damage: 33$ with tax & tip
Rating: Eight out of ten fingers in the pie



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