Fish in the Sea: Sushi on Bloor

Having heard the sad news that the Toronto Women’s Bookstore is closing, we decided to take a trip down for a first and last look at a community cornerstone. Although our stomachs were already grumbling louder than the broken sink in O’s apartment, we spent some time looking around and buying hard-to-find, out-of-print books. Having hit the corner of Harbord and Spadina, and not seeing many food options around, we walked up to Bloor – a walk long enough to convince us that what we were hunting for was sushi. If someone asked us if we were sushi addicts, we’d say yes shamelessly ’cause, you know.

There are no shortage of sushi options on Bloor, but S thought she had been to Sushi on Bloor before, and thought maybe that it was good and inexpensive, (and it was the first sushi place without a line), so that’s where we headed! Needless to say, it’s been getting chilly out there so we were thrilled to have the waitress bring us miso soup and some hot tea as soon as we were seated. The restaurant was small but cozy, relaxed and modest. No need for a suit and tie to enjoy some sushi over good conversation, although we’re the type to equate “dress” with “dress-up” no matter where we’re going.  As usual, S suggested a tempura appetizer before even opening the menu. O had been to neighbouring Noka Sushi the week before (review to come), which was great but had no red tuna options on the all you could eat menu. It being their favourite fish, our selection of rolls ended up being allllll tuuuunnnnaaaaa.We decided on a Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll, a Rainbow Roll, and a Dragon Tuna Roll. A hard choice to make from a good-sized menu with rolls, combos, and bento boxes all among the options.

We sipped our tea, and were happy to see the tempura arrive quickly. It had 3 big shrimp and a selection of seven assorted veggies, like sweet potato, zucchini, squash, eggplant, and broccoli. The tempura was hot, light, flaky, not too oily, and reasonably priced at around $6. Definitely some of the best tempura we’ve had!

The rolls came pretty quickly after we devoured the tempura. Like we said, all the tuna you can think of, but also lots of our favourite things, like avocado. The tuna wasn’t the most fresh, but that was to be expected considering the prices. They didn’t skimp on the fish and the wasabi was spicy,  just how we like it. Overall, delicious enough for us to fight over the last piece (which goes something like “no, no, the last piece is for YOU,” because we’re generous sushi-eaters).

Location: Sushi on Bloor, 515 Bloor St. W (between Bathurst and Spadina)
The Damage: $37, including tip and tax, to fill up two very hungry people.
Rating: Eight pies out of ten.


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